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      slideshow contactsheet Même si parfois j’oublie Lourdes Segade

      En mars 2011, quand ma mère a appris qu’elle avait le cancer, je me suis accrochée à mon appareil comme à une ancre, une bouée de sauvetage, un témoin du drame. Le monde tel que je l’avais connu vacillait. Et dans sa matérialité, sa permanence, la photographie me...

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      slideshow contactsheet The Long Way Up Lourdes Segade

      The Long Way Up explores the lives of children with Achondroplasia and of their families along the process of enlarging limbs, a difficult path that takes at least four years. This is a story about human beings, about their suffer, their strength, resilience, acceptance, joy,...

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      slideshow contactsheet L'eau et les femmes au Malawi, un couple impossible Lourdes Segade

      Le manque d'accès à l'eau potable freine le développement personnel de nombre de femmes au Malawi. La tradition les contraint à passer leurs journées à chercher de l'eau et ne peuvent se rendre à l'école ni se consacrer à des activités productives. Elle sacrifient leur...

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      slideshow contactsheet Growing in width (childhood obesity) Lourdes Segade

      Anna, Gabriel, Alejandro and Marta do not know each other –only Marta and Alejandro, who are sister and brother. Despite this fact they have lots of things in common starting by the obviousness of their overweight or, in the case of the two boys, their obesity. These four...

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      slideshow contactsheet Learning to love the princess. Kids jalousy Lourdes Segade

      Mother-father-son relationships get more complex with a new member in the family. A second child demands new roles to be assumed. The until then King of Home might feel dethroned. Jealousy is a normal reaction. The remedy? Understanding and patience. (full text available in...

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      slideshow contactsheet The life that claims from death / Tchernobyl 20 ans après Lourdes Segade

      Twenty years after the worst nuclear accident of History, Chernobyl area tries to survive in the memory of everyone. Everything there tries to survive in its own memory. The city of Prypiat, 3 Km far from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, once had 45.000 inhabitants and today...

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      slideshow contactsheet Holidays Far From Chernobyl Lourdes Segade

      It's been twenty years since the worst nuclear accident in the history of humanity happened, and when we hear the word “Chernobyl” we still think of children with malformations, adults with visible tumors or people going crazy. But we never think about those thousands of...

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      slideshow contactsheet A blind man at the football Lourdes Segade

      Francis lost his sight when he was 19. Now, 48, he's married and has quite a normal life, travelling, doing some sport, going out with friends and whatever anyone can do. Even going to the football though he cannot see the game. Juanma is a 17 years old boy like any other. He...