Rome, IT
    Rocco Rorandelli was born in Florence (1973). His images have been used in numerous advertising, fundraising and awareness campaigns of various social (Terre des Hommes, UniCOOP) and academic institutions in the U.S. (Cornell Univ., Sarah Lawrence Coll.). Among his editorial clients : Time, Paris Match, L'Hebdo, Guardian Review, L'Espresso, Vanity Fair, Io Donna, Corriere della Sera Magazine, Newsweek. He was shortlisted for the Sony World Photography Awards 2010 and is an Honorable Mention recipient of PX3 2008.
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      slideshow contactsheet Trans Europe Migration Rocco Rorandelli / Picturetank / TerraProject

      In 2015, more than 1 million refugees and migrants crossed over by sea into Europe, the majority of them coming from war-torn Syria. Their destination: Germany and northern Europe.

      Rocco Rorandelli followed their trail taking aerial photography to visually depict...

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      slideshow contactsheet Behind the smokescreen: 400 years of tobacco industry in the US Rocco Rorandelli

      The United States of America is the birthplace of the tobacco industry. It was here, in 1614, that John Rolfe was able to set up the first successful tobacco plantations. Those leaves, well sought by the European nations, were to become the main economic foundation for the...

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      slideshow contactsheet Tobacco in Indonesia Rocco Rorandelli

      Tobacco consumption in Indonesia is rampant. According to the latest figures, over 165 million people consume tobacco, 63% of men and 5% of women. Kretek (clove cigarettes) are used by 85% of tobacco consumers. The World Health Organization states that Indonesia ranks third in...

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      slideshow contactsheet Tobacco in China Rocco Rorandelli

      China is the first producer of tobacco in the world. The Chinese National Tobacco Corporation (CNTC) is the world's largest tobacco company. A state monopoly, it employs 520,000 workers, produces 500 brands and has 183 factories, 150 tobacco drying plants, and 30 research...

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      slideshow contactsheet Tobacco in India Rocco Rorandelli

      India is the second producer of tobacco in the world. Crops are used mainly for beedis and chewing tobacco. The tobacco industry is a lucrative one, and numerous research centers study ways to increase productivity. However, health-related costs are also high. It had been...

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      slideshow contactsheet Tobacco in Bulgaria Rocco Rorandelli / TerraProject

      The tobacco industry in Bulgaria has recently witnessed an uneven evolution. Bulgartabac, the state tobacco company, has registered a 166% increase in net profit for the first half of 2010 in comparison with the same period last year. At the same time, as of 2010, subsidies to...

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      slideshow contactsheet Lampedusa Rocco Rorandelli / TerraProject

      Since the fall of President Ben Ali in Tunisia, some 20,000 migrants have made their way to Lampedusa, a 20km2 island half-way between Tunisia and Sicily. There are 6,000 of them still there and life with the 5,000 inhabitants of the island has been declared ‘unbearable’ by...

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      slideshow contactsheet Inside Montecitorio, the Italian Parliament Rocco Rorandelli / TerraProject

      The Palazzo Montecitorio is a palace in Rome, seat of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. The palace was built in the XVII century for the Pope's family using Bernini's plans. When Rome became the capital of Italy in 1870, the palace, which had been modified several times was...

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      slideshow contactsheet L'Aquila: The earthquake and aftermath Rocco Rorandelli

      One year in the life of L'Aquila, from the earthquake on the 6th of April 2009, to the emergency villages, to the G8 summit, to reconstruction and the present conditions.

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      slideshow contactsheet Women at work Rocco Rorandelli / TerraProject

      In the United States, the number of women working in the trades is slowly increasing. And after years of marginalization, they now want to be heard. To tell how hard it has been to be accepted in a male world, and to show the passion and determination in building their own way of...

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      slideshow contactsheet Gates of India Rocco Rorandelli / TerraProject

      Madhya Pradesh is among the poorest states in India, with the highest number of malnourished children and 80% of the state's population depending on this sector for their livelihood. However today the capital city of Indore is set to be one of the real-estate hotspots of India....

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      slideshow contactsheet Filles domestiques of Burkina Faso Rocco Rorandelli

      “Il n’y a pas d’enfants de plus de 10 ans dans notre village” (There are no more girl more than 10 years old in our village) Girls from the rural regions of Burkina Faso leave their villages very young, mostly going to Ougadougou, the capital city, to work as domestic...

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      slideshow contactsheet Megalopolis of India Rocco Rorandelli / TerraProject

      “Diversity” is the keyword to describe the Indian subcontinent, not only from an ethnic and religious point of view, but also for its economy. Cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi are set to become among the largest megalopolises in the world, and it is in them that...

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      slideshow contactsheet Growing pains. A child's life in the quarries of Burkina Faso Rocco Rorandelli / TerraProject

      Antoine. 14 years old with the hands of an old man. He has a sister and a mother. Between the three of them, I can count more or less the same number of teeth that I have. They all work in a granite quarry close to Ouagadougou, the capital city of Burkina Faso. Their job is to...