Berlin, DE
    Werner Mahler est né en 1950 à Bossdorf non loin de Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Assistant de Ludwig Schirmer de 1970 à 1972, il a terminé ses études de photographie en 1978 à la HGB Leipzig. L’un des co-fondateurs d’OSTKREUZ, il en demeure aujourd’hui le directeur général. En 2005, il a fondé l’École de Photographie OSTKREUZ avec Thomas Sandberg.

    Il vit à Lehnitz, dans la banlieue de Berlin.
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      slideshow contactsheet Berlin 9th of November 1989 Werner Mahler / Agentur OSTKREUZ / Picturetank

      Werner Mahler photographed the important day in the history of Germany at Bornholmer Strasse, at Kurfuerstendamm and at Brandenburger Tor.

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      slideshow contactsheet Mona Lisas of the Suburbs Ute & Werner Mahler / Agentur OSTKREUZ / Picturetank

      In our project we created a convergence of two things poised in transition. One is the suburb, which is no longer a village but not quite a city. The other is the girl who is not a child anymore but not yet a woman. Both are on their way to becoming something else - the suburb...

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      slideshow contactsheet Where the world came to an end Ute & Werner Mahler / Agentur OSTKREUZ / Picturetank

      Twenty-two years after the fall of the Berlin Wall Ute and Werner Mahler once again drove along the old border that used to separate them—they were East German citizens—from the West: a strip of land almost 1,400 kilometers long running from the Baltic in the Harz to the...