Barcelone, ES
    Toni Arnau is a founding member of the Spanish collective Ruido Photo. His photographs were shown in Spain, France, Italy and Central America. He is coordinator of the spanish documentary photography magazine 7.7 which quarterly publishes reportages from all over the world.

    Since 2003 Toni Arnau’s lens focuses towards those who have suffered the tragedy to be expelled from the place where they were born. He documented the tragedy of thousands of Buthanese deported to Nepal, took photographs of those central americans, traveling unprotected and without papers across Mexico in their attempt to reach the United States. 
Since 2010 he is working on a reportage about the pollution of the Paranà river, in Argentina and Paraguay, and its tragic impact on the people living  and working in this area.

    Toni Arnau currently lives and works between Spain and Argentina.
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      slideshow contactsheet En El Camino Edu Ponces and Toni Arnau / RUIDO Photo

      Every year, about 500,000 undocumented Central Americans cross Mexico to reach the United States, according to the National Institute of Migration of Mexico. That figure, which speaks about the crowd that make up such pilgrimage, is the least scandalous one amid this humanitarian...

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      slideshow contactsheet A Silent Death Toni Arnau / RUIDO Photo

      The Paranà river, crossing Brasil, Paraguay and Argentina is the most important river of South America, second to The Amazon. The Paranà was once a very rich river, though now its’ whole ecosystem (fish, plants and even the inhabitants of the surrounding riverside) is...